Meet the creators of Oak Street Treehouse!

Writing and illustrating a series of books requires teamwork. Before 2017, Dick Daniels and Mollie Bozarth had never heard of each other! Dick was looking for an illustrator. His friend, Dave, had hired Mollie years before for illustration work and thought she’d be a good fit for the Oak Street Treehouse project. Dick, being a leadership guy, is great at developing ideas and handling the business side of things. Mollie, as an artist and teacher, has worked with kids for decades and understands the publishing and design side of things. Now they’ve finished two books and are planning a third. Though they live over 1,000 miles apart, technology helps them collaborate from far away.

Dick Daniels

Dr. Dick Daniels lives in Florida with his dog, Buck. He loves spending time with his amazing grandkids. They are the inspiration for the Oak Street Treehouse books!

Dick is the President of The Leadership Development Group, including a LinkedIn Group of 30,000 global members. Dick published the nationally awarded Leadership Briefs: Shaping Organizational Culture to Stretch Leadership Capacity and the nationally awarded Leadership Core: Character, Competence, Capacity.

Learn more about his work at https://theldg.org

Mollie Bozarth

Mollie Bozarth lives with her dog, Jack. She grew up reading bedtime stories and fairytales with her mom, who will still read favorite books to her upon request. A high-school art class introduced her to her favorite medium - watercolor. Now she teaches drawing and painting to high-schoolers in Naperville, IL.

Mollie earned her MFA in Illustration from the University of Hartford. She is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) and Portrait Society of America.

See more of her work at molliebozarth.wordpress.com

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